Customer Reviews

Clients Love Me!


"Thank you for another first class treatment.  Completely broken after a tough week of exercise, full body massage and cupping therapy repaired all the damage!  Ready to start all over again and hit the gym with renewed energy and vigour."

Steve S.

"Without a doubt the best 'me' time money can buy.  Always made to feel so relaxed with treatments personalised to how you're feeling on the day.  I went this morning and came away feeling amazing.  Can't wait for my next visit - would highly recommend a visit or two!"

Samantha W.

"An appointment with Caroline will be the highlight of your week.  When I am on the couch, I feel like the most important person in the world.  Caroline's massage is a beautiful piece of choreography.  Everything flows so naturally.  Thank you Caroline xxxx"

Louise S.

"Thank you so much for today's treatment, I feel a million times better xx"

Valerie S.

"Wouldn't go to anyone else!  Caroline is the best at what she does!  Roll on my next appointment..."

Emma P.

"Great deep tissue massage!  Highly recommended."

Jon C.

"The top of my back and neck was so so tight and so painful.  Caroline has had to go slowly with me, she knows that I wouldn't cope with a full back massage yet.  After one session of a mini back massage and a quick 'Cupping' massage, my back feels better already.  I can move my neck so much more.  Booked 3 more sessions to get me started!!  Thank you Caroline, your help is immense! xx"

Liz H.

I recently went into hospital to have major surgery for cancer and on my discharge the doctors told me just to take paracetamol which was fair enough as I did not feel that I was in that much pain.  However after a few days at home, I was feeling uncomfortable and not sleeping very well and had other niggling little symptoms.  I was bed ridden and not able to get up and down stairs or do much movement at all.  I called Caroline at Ritual Therapies and as I could not get to either one of her healing rooms Caroline very kindly sent me some absent healing.  Well I was absolutely delighted with the results, overnight I managed to get a full nights sleep and I was even able to move around a bit more freely.  I will definitely use Caroline’s amazing healing abilities again and would recommend anyone to give it a whirl.

Matilda R

Following on from my major surgery, I am now up and around and back at work.  Im am not 100% fit but just don’t feel good.  I booked a healing session with Caroline, her abilities are outstanding.  Caroline was able to pick up on my symptoms very easily and apply her healing to specific areas, I came away feeling much better than when I went in but think I still need some more so I will be booking in again soonish.  I am very grateful to Caroline for applying herself whole heartedly to her work, it is really helping me out.

Matilda R

I recently attended at one of Caroline's healing rooms for a healing session.  I have been struggling with my joints, particularly my arms, shoulders and wrists.  One night I was experiencing severe wrist pain, I could not position my arms or wrists in such a way that I could get off to sleep, so I booked an appointment with Caroline.  Feeling the heat from her healing hands I actually felt the pain disappear.  Caroline is very busy and my healing slot had come to an end before the healing session was completed so I have rebooked for her next available slot.  Thank you Caroline for slotting me in so soon, I'm looking forward to it.

Matilda R